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The Greek New Testament, 5th ed. (UBS5) with Critical Apparatus

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The Greek New Testament, 5th ed. (UBS5) with Critical Apparatus is designed for translators and students. Like NA28, this is the leading edition of the original text of the New Testament. It contains the same Greek text as NA28, differing only in some details of punctuation and paragraphing.

The critical apparatus includes exegetically significant variants (fewer than NA28) but adds extensive manuscript evidence (more than NA28) for each variant, thereby offering in-depth instruction for students on how variants and the evidence for them work together. This edition includes an English introduction that provides the background of the critical Greek text and information on using the critical apparatus.

This product contains both the UBS 5 text and the UBS 5 critical apparatus.

  • Provides the most popular edition of the Greek New Testament
  • Includes both the New Testament text and critical apparatus
  • Incoporates the latest textual research with results displayed in the New Tetsament text


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  1. Eric Laudenslager
    The information in this volume is wonderful. However, the hyperlinks need review. For example, the hyper links to many of the parenthesis are going to the following explanation, "parentheses indicate the presence of a negligible difference in the witness of the enclosed manuscript to the reading attested." However, this is only true when discussing an insignificant difference. When a significant difference is being referenced the variant is preceded by the pertinent witness (see Acts 10:11 and p11–12). It appears that many of the parentheses in this apparatus have this same hyper link even when a more significant variant is in view. This is potentially misleading and does not reflect the actual information in the apparatus. There are other humorous instances of odd hyperlinks such as linking a D rating to Codex Bezae in the Master list of symbols. A scholarly work of this gravity needs better final production editing.
  2. Ezequias Illú
  3. Gary Everett

    Gary Everett


    I took New Testament Greek during my seminary years forty years ago using the 3rd edition UBS. These classes were the most exciting part of my seminary training, although the most difficult. I still use this same Greek Bible for my devotions and study forty years later. It has flown with me around the world. I am able to read the Greek New Testament almost as fluently as English, having read entirely through it, and I deeply value every word of its text. On the back page of my Greek Bible, I list five typographical errors I found through the years in the 3rd edition UBS, all of which have now been corrected in the newer editions. This reflects my views of its important as a student of God's Word. I have recently purchased the UBS 5th edition and NA28th edition from Logos because of the need to develop my own English translation for developing Bible Commentaries. I purchased them both so that I could use a monthly payment plan. This way, the price was not such an issue. The Logos 5th edition of the UBS is priceless for any student of the Bible. Its links to data bases provide information that everyone can use to enjoy the Greek text, even those not so fluent in the Greek language. Please consider making the Logos 5th edition of the UBS your dear friend. Both Greek Bibles come with their critical apparatus. This text will reward you for life, as it has done for me.
  4. Dean Poulos

    Dean Poulos


  6. Young



  7. Scott Sullivan